Updated path model

3rd March 2015.

Version 7.9.4 is available to download from here: http://www.aqqa.org/MH370/models/BSMv7-9-4.xlsx

Minor updates:

1. Inclusion of a Rolls Royce Trent 892 fuel model (flight levels 350, 370, 390, and 410),

2. Inclusion of a Rolls Royce Trent 892 Long Range Cruise model (flight levels as above),

3. Inclusion of wind and temperature fields from the GDAS reanalysis of 20140308 0000z for additional isobaric surfaces (the model now contains arrays for the 250, 200, and 150 hPa surfaces between N10-S45 and E080-E105),

4. User can choose to initialise the array at flight levels 350, 370, 390, and 410 (cell B10 in MAIN); if choosing a level higher than 350 a step-climb will be performed between 1707z and the array initialisation time. We have selected 1730z for the commencement of this climb however it can be altered near cell FS1 in MAIN,

5. A Coriolis calculator has been appended to the end of the main array. To use this, insert the formula =-degrees(GD21) into O21, then copy down,

6. The user can now specify a Channel Unit 6 offset in PARAMS B128,

7. An updated sinusoidal model for the delta_f_sat+delta_f_afc has been provided by Sid Bennett and Geoff Hyman, modifying the previous one determined by Victor Ianello,

8. A URL to Skyvector has been included in MAIN H7. Simply copy this link to your browser to view the coordinates given in the output block (including the initial position coordinates).

Users unfamiliar with this model are welcome to email the author for guidance. If you find a more powerful or comprehensive MH370 path model please let us know!

Additional models can be found here.

Barry Martin