Statement by the Independent Group

1st March 2015.

In response to inquiries, the Independent Group (“IG”) wishes to reiterate the recommendations made in its latest public statement dated September 26th, 2014, entitled  “Further Progress Report from the Independent Group and Updated MH370 Search Area Recommendation.”  This report is available at:

We have continued our analysis so as to further understand the available data, to evaluate the available evidence, to press the authorities for clarifications and to request release of additional data that would be helpful in formulating search strategies.

The IG operates by consensus. Any opinion that is expressed by an individual member of the group should not be attributed to the IG as a whole.

Recent publications by Jeff Wise regarding the fate of MH370 have been incorrectly attributed to the IG. These stories have been published without the prior knowledge of the IG and do not reflect the position of the IG members.

In particular, the IG continues to believe that the search for MH370 in the Southern Indian Ocean should continue, and any recent suggestions that the view of the IG has changed are incorrect.

Brian Anderson, BE: Havelock North, New Zealand
Sid Bennett, MEE: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Curon Davies, MA: Swansea, UK
Pierre-Michel Decombeix: Maurs, France
Michael Exner, MEE: Colorado, USA
Tim Farrar, PhD: Menlo Park, California, USA
Richard Godfrey, BSc: Frankfurt, Germany
Bill Holland, BSEE: Cary, North Carolina, USA
Geoff Hyman, MSc: London, UK
Victor Iannello, ScD: Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Barry Martin, CPL: London, UK
Henrik Rydberg, PhD MSc: Gothenburg, Sweden
Duncan Steel, PhD: Wellington, New Zealand
Don Thompson: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Yap Fook Fah, PhD: Singapore