Godfrey Model

RG v13.1

Version 13.1 of the Flight Path Model, compiled by MH370 Independent Group member Richard Godfrey, is available to download from this site here: MH370 Flight Path Model V13.1 Final.

This model is provided in Excel format and the user is invited to explore the ‘Key Points’ worksheet.

This version of Godfrey’s model presents a single path solution succeeding an assumed Final Major Turn (FMT). The path corresponds to the LNAV roll mode, approximated by a loxodrome, and includes such waypoints as ISBIX and S35E090. The thrust mode is assumed as Long Range Cruise (LRC) Mach which, together with an ensemble of meteorological reanalyses from GFS and GDAS, provides an estimated ground speed profile. The aeroplane is kept at FL350 until fuel exhaustion. A list of the most important assumptions is available here: MH370 Flight Path Model V13.1 Assumptions.

Duncan Steel has made available a copy of the Godfrey model in the article MH370 Flight Path Model version 13.1 by Richard Godfrey of 19th December, 2014. That article should be consulted for copies of KML/KMZ files for the path solution presented in this model. See: http://www.duncansteel.com/archives/1203